Tuesday, 8 December 2015

(Very) Affordable Holiday Red Lips

My sister has recently visited Europe and brought (and bought) me back a santa load of beauty products.  Many I asked for pre-trip, some are ad-hoc.  This set is one of them.  When she was looking for other Makeup Revolution products for me in Superdrug, she saw the Christmas sets and asked if I wanted them.  I chose several.

Photos taken under natural light.  Forgot to do swatches on the back of my hand.  Make up wore in this post is the one posted yesterday (link) with the Wonder Glow on - no wonder at all.

Makeup Revolution Colour Blocks - Red includes a lipstick, a lipgloss and a nail polish.  There's also a Pink variation of this set available.  I believe it is now 4 quids, whereas it may be 7 at original price.  Either way, it is very affordable.

Iconic Pro Lipgloss:
- also called Intense Lipgloss on the tube
- 2.5 ml
- Made in the PRC aka China
- Scent is Skittles strawberry (because I have just finished a packet of Skittles)
- Sponge-tip doe-foot applicator
- Moisturising and comfortable on dry flaky lips
- Pigmented.
- Not staining.  Once it's off by contact (kissing a cup, wiping off with a tissue, etc), the lips will return to natural colour.
- Colour is neutral leaning on the cool side (translates less cool on my lips?)
- The applicator dispenses very little amount of product each time so for the size of my lips I have to re-dip 5 times+.
- Doesn't bleed although it is not sticky at all.
- I actually find this formula surprisingly positively impressive.  Sadly I rarely do a pigmented glossy lips, especially not red, so I'll probably not be keeping and using this.
- Highly recommend!

iconic pro lipstick (red?)
Iconic Pro Lipstick:
- 3.2 g
- Made in the PRC aka China
- It is the more 'expensive' (2.5 pounds) lipsticks from MU Revolution.  The Amazing Lipstick (1 pound) I have not tried.
- Pungent.  Smells very cheaply of vanilla-something (same as an ancient Forever 21 lipstick I had long time ago).  The scent does linger too.  :'(
- Shade is a cool red with more depth than the lipgloss.
- Very creamy and pigmented.
- Wears for a long time, and amazingly comfortably.
- If not for the smell, this can become one of my favourite affordable red lipsticks.  Sorry.  My nose doesn't like you.
- Recommend if you're not easily disgusted by plastic-like vanilla fragrance.

Amazing Nail Polish:
- 10 ml
- Made in the PRC aka China
- Not sure I'll ever use it as I am getting soak-off gel nails done regularly, and I do not want to risk the health of me & my babies by trying nail polishes.
image source: superdrug

Another set I got is the Makeup Revolution Be Revolutionary Bag Set - Heroine.  Which was marked down from 8 to 5 pounds, but now sold out.  It came with an eyeshadow palette with seven shades, a lipgloss and a rose gold make up bag.

#Nude Shimmer

Amazing Lipgloss:
- 2.5 ml
- Made in the PRC aka China
- also called "Intense Lipgloss" on the tube
- same Skittles strawberry scent
- same very comfortable wear
- no colour pay-off on my lips (only a sheer pink if swatched on hand)
- same applicator, need multiple dips to cover entire lips
- not a fan, but still highly recommend if you fancy sheer to no colour lipgloss in a lovely formula

Eyeshadow Palette:
- 7.6 g
- Made in the PRC aka China
- 2 matte shades, 5 metallic shimmer shades
- mine came slightly shattered (my sister's luggage broke) and I do not wear eyeshadow very often now.  But given my previous experience with MU Revolution eyeshadows (I got a Run Boy Run from +Cynthy), the pigmentation and formula of the metallics are great.  The 2 matte shades swatched are on the chalky, but still rather smooth, side.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution products before?  
What's your ultimate favourite from their line up?

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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