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Appetising Soap for Every Body | Affordable Review

Ever since Roma is born I've selected and purchased various baby products, only for him.  Now and then we also receive kind gifts from friends and family.  Roma's skin is delicate, whenever the humidity drops his skin cracks up.  As an infant, now a toddler, he also has quite an amount of hair to clean and a sensitive scalp; shampoos irritating his eyes or not kind to his scalp are rejected.  After a good 15 months now, I'm pleased to say we've perhaps find the perfect solution to be used all over.  The bonus?  Mr. A adores the scent and uses it himself too - so I have two good-smelling boys to cuddle with.

EO Products
EO stands for essential oils.  They make natural, organic, and 'good' products sustainably.  To be frank, I'm not the most loyal or diligent when it comes to 'good' products myself.  Tempt me with man-made, luring fragrances filled with 'nasties' any day, I will probably opt for those instead of green ones.  However, for my boys - soon there will be three! - I am always leaning towards the better choices.

Everyone Soap for Every Body, 3 in 1, Coconut + Lemon
Fresh and clean, my boys smell like tropical treats when they come out of the shower.  For 300+ days year round, this alone is enough for both Mr. A and baby Roma.  (Mr. A does use a separate shampoo and conditioner though, as he has his own manly concerns.)  Roma doesn't use a hair conditioner or body lotion afterwards.  However, this EO soap is not hydrating enough when temperature drops to about 10 degrees and relative humidity less than 30%; on those days I will sprinkle some bath oil onto Roma after his shower, followed by body lotion, or cream, or both.
The packaging is bulky as it comes with a very generous amount of product, but it also comes with a good pump dispenser which is so handy when it comes to washing a monster who doesn't behave in the shower.
We have never used it as a bubble bath, therefore we can't tell if it's good at that, or gives much bubbles.

EO on iHerb
They're currently doing 20% off this week, which makes a bottle US$8 only.  iHerb features a handful of brands and do weekly speicals every Wednesday to Wednesday.  If you miss the EO specials this time, I'm certain they will come back in a couple of months.  I find that the best shipping method to HK is SF Express which typically takes half a week to arrive, and only costs US$4. *Currently SF Express is free if your order is over US$40!*

Affiliate Rewards Code
If you wish to buy anything from iHerb, try to input my discount code, there may be surprises.  That depends on what items you put in your cart, and how much your order total is.  Yes I do get a few cents if you make a purchase, but it is up to you!
I'm probably placing another order tomorrow as this bottle is running low - less than one-third remaining - and I have to bring it to my mum, who often washes Roma if we dine at her house.
You can take a look at my shopping cart (Link) if you're nosy!

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