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Empties | Finale of 2015

Oct (1of7) - body

This post covers the period from Oct-Dec 2015 minus the little family trip we had to Taiwan (travel empties here).  Let me know if you've any suggestions to how I should do my 2016 Empties.  I will be continuing with that but also want a change of some sort.

Read the previous Quarterly Empties if you've missed them. ;)

Paco Rabanne / Lady Million Shower Gel - If ever I become a regular perfume wearer I will get a full size of this perfume.  Used up a small sample before and love it.  As much as I adore this fragrance though I won't buy the shower product again.
Replacement: L'Occitane

Lactacyd / White Intimate Daily Feminine Wash - My favourite from the several Lactacyd ones I've tried.  Been keeping an eye out for promotion but they aren't doing any so I bought some from Kotex brand to try.
Replacement: Kotex

Alba Botanica / Clear Enzyme Deodorant Stick (LINK) - A good one.  I have repurchased it in the Tea Tree version (LINK) but sadly it didn't work as well; saving that for post-partum when I may be less smelly.  Picked up a Tom's Unscented one (LINK) and it works well.
Replacement: Tom's

**As always, the iHerb links I included may be affiliated.  Use them or my referral code JBF362 if you like.  Thanks!

Nivea / Skin Conditioner #Dry Skin - Smells nice, just like other Nivea body products.  As much as I appreciate the concept of in-shower body conditioner, I don't think it delivered enough.
Replacement: (nil)

Mustela / Hydra Bebe Body Lotion - Mr A and I adore the scent of Mustela baby products.  However, they don't work on Roma's skin.  I used this up as a body lotion myself.  Not hydrating nor moisturising at all.  Oh but the scent~
Replacement: Weleda (baby), L'Occitane (me)

Cetaphil / DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion - Bought this for Roma last dry season, it worked but he didn't require it during the warmer months, or this current Winter.  I used this up on my limbs.
Replacement: Weleda (baby), L'Occitane (me)

Oct (2of7) - cleanse and tone
Chanel / Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser - Holy x!  This stuff is divine.  Both the product itself and the effect I see on my skin is marvellous.  It smells luxurious; texture is a thick gel-balm; non-foaming.  When gently took off by a cloth, skin is soft, supple and beautiful.  Despite being about US$100 a full size, I think this will be the first cleanser I treat myself in 2017, after my 2016 skin care spending diet.  :D
Replacement: Emma Hardie

ReVive / Cleanser Creme Luxe - Luxurious.  Also non-foaming and leaves skin soft and lovely.  Apart from the serums and creams from the brand, this creamy cleanser is also good (not a big fan of the toner though).  However, I'd rather get the Chanel one (for example) instead of this given the similar extortive price.
Replacement: Emma Hardie

Nuxe / Fondant Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals - Okay.  Gives a good wash and rinse.
Replacement: Nuxe Reve de Miel

La Roche Posay / Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel - Okay.  My skin hasn't been as temperamental as the previous pregnancy so I don't need as much Effaclar.
Replacement: (nil)

Shu Uemura / Red:Juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion - Not remarkable.
Replacment: ReVive, Shiseido Elixir

Oct (3of7) - serums
MyChelle / Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum (LINK) - Smells beautiful while being natural, hydrates and doesn't fight with other products I throw on my face before or after.  Nice.
Replacement: Repurchased

For Beloved One / Hyaluronic Acid Tri-Molecules Moisturizing Active Serum - Not bad.  Hyaluronic acid packed serums are all over the market right now, so there's no hurry to repurchase.  Better value to get this brand from Taiwan, so I'll wait until (1) I run out of hydrating serum and (2) we visit Taiwan again.
Replacement: MyChelle, Dr. Wu, Loveisderma (haul here)

Lancome / Genefique Youth Activator (discontinued) - They have since upgraded this serum into the "Advanced" version.  Compared to the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (I/II), Lancome Genefique is more fragranced, more watery and less silky.  I prefer the EL ANR.
Replacement: Clinique, Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder / Advanced Night Repair II - My final small size before cracking open my big bottle.  How exciting!  It is a perfect serum to use on its own or layered.
Replacement: Repurchased

Ultima II / Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen Perfect Skin Resurfacing Treatment - Forgot how it works or worked.
Replacement: Sunday Riley Good Genes

Oct (4of7) - other skin care
Chanel / Sublimage La Creme Texture Fine - I love this.  Expensive but well-worth the price.  Contemplating purchasing this in 2017.  Biggest concern, it comes in a jar and I'm quite careless at that (will contaminate?), so perhaps, not?
Replacement: Elemis

MyChelle / Deep Repair Cream (LINK) - Didn't smell very nice.  No thanks.
Replacement: Nature Republic, Steam Cream

Lancome / Genefique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Concentrate (discontinued) - Quite significantly different from the face serum, this has a almost creamy texture.  Not bad and a little goes a long way.
Replacement: (one more sample of this)

Hurraw / Night Treatment Balm (LINK) - Not bad but I've been bored by it.  At night now, I've been trying to use up my Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple balm which has great (edible?) ingredients and smells of chocolate.
Replacement: Earth Mama Angel Baby (LINK)

Merry Hempsters / Organic Hemp Balm #Peppermint (LINK) - Smells like grass.  Couldn't stand it at all.
Replacement: various others

Oct (5of7) - face masks
Shiseido / Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask - Good.
b.liv / Age Dismission Original Japan Silk Mask - Okay.
Ludeya / Hydro White Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask - Not bad.
Ludeya / Brightening Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask - Not bad.
Ludeya / Rejuvenating Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask - Not bad.

Replacement: various others

Oct (6of7) - other masks
Tony Moly / Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid 
Tony Moly / Shiny Foot Cream - The set worked.  Feet start to shed hard rough dead skin after a few days.  However once the shedding stopped and my irregular application of foot cream returns, dry rough ugly feet are mine.
Replacement: (nil)

DHC / Revitalizing Moisture Strips for Eyes - Not intense, but very soothing and comfortable.  Like it.
Replacement: (some more of these)

Etude House / Ginkgo Lip Area Patch - Gimmicky.  Not necessary but nice to use when some is around.  Didn't notice much effect though.
Replacement: Kanebo Dew Superior, Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes

Oct (7of7) - his and baby's
Alpecin / Caffeine Shampoo - Mr. A's.  I'm open to any hair-growing shampoo out there.  Enlighten me and I will go buy.  I am getting tired seeing this constantly in my shower, and empties.  Most importantly, this never goes on sale at Mannings making it quite an expensive regular spending.
Replacement: Repurchased

Garnier / Ultra Dolce Conditioner - Purchased this in a supermarket when we ran out of conditioners in Italy.  Great light honey and chamomile scent, but very thin texture.  Mr. A used this up.
Replacement: Mane 'n Tail (LINK)

Gatsby / Deodorant Roll On #Fresh Fougere - Mr. A prefers Gatsby > Adidas > Rexona; mainly based on the freshness and speed to dry (not tacky on the skin)He also mentioned Nivea was okay but doesn't carry a scent he likes.
Replacement: Rexona

DKNY / Be Delicious Men EDT Spray - Old gift from a friend.  Mr. A didn't like it much but didn't mind using it up.  Sorry, man.  I like it on him but it lasted barely half a day.  Shame.
Replacement: Zara

Aleva Naturals / Sleep Easy Hair & Body Wash (LINK) - Great one.  Gentle on the skin, beautifully lavender-scented and leaves Roma soft.  Not the best for the buck though, so I'd opt for EO Everyone Soap (review) or others.
Replacement: Earth Mama Angel Baby (LINK)

Onto November.

Nov (1of3) - hair, body & his

Reveur / Rich & Repair Shampoo - Nice stuff.  I am bored by such a giant bottle.
Replacement: Desert Essence (LINK)

Sephora / Body Wash #Musk Almond (very old) - Got this when Sephora was still in HK.  Smells lovely, washes okay, but the pink colouring is vibrant.  May not be the thing you're looking in a shower gel?
Replacement: L'Occitane

Gatsby / Hair Jam #Red (Casual Neat) - His.  He didn't like it as this jam doesn't give enough hold to his medium long hair and is kind of sticky.
Replacement: Gatsby Ultra Tough Styling Clay

Royal Medic / CS4 Cordyceps Capsules - Staple.

Adidas / Anti Perspirant Climacool - Nice.  Not his favourite though.  Will go back to Gatsby after the Rexonas are done.
Replacement: Rexona

Pureeen / Body Yogurt Head to Toe Wash - A gift to Roma but it irritates his skin.  His belly button will flare up if used this consecutively for couple of days.  Mr. A finished this up.
Replacement: Earth Mama Angel Baby (LINK, for Roma), Welcos Banana Milk Body Cleanser (Korean brand from 759 Store, for Mr. A)

Mannings / Super Soft Facial Cotton - Used this to take off make up usually.  I use the Shiseido for toning.
Replacement: (a bag of baby cotton Roma no longer uses for his butt)

Nov (2of3) - skin care & mask
Guerlain / Secret de Pureté Cleansing Cream - Too expensive for what it is and didn't impress me like the Chanel Sublimage did.
Replacement: Emma Hardie

Clinique / Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum - Can't tell what it does actually, but overall my skin looked better and felt more balanced and even.  Will consider repurchasing.
Replacement: various others

Azelique / Age Refining Treatment Serum (LINK) - Texture is more like a light cream than a serum.  It is a house brand of iHerb but it isn't cheap.  Bought this when it was on sale (a batch of this went on clearance) and didn't expect much.  However, it surprised me.  It doubled as a serum and moisturiser, for most days we're too humid here in HK.  My skin happily drank up this bottle and it is rare for me to look forward repurchasing it.  Note: closely monitoring when this will go on sale again.
Replacement: various others

Yojiya (Kyoto) / Water Mist - I think this pure water spray leaked in my bag.
Replacement: Addiction, Caudalie

Nuxe / Fondant Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals - see above.

Heroine Make / Eye Makeup Remover - An affordable and effective bi-phase make up remover for my stubborn waterproof mascara.  I always need bi-phase removers, and I don't mind if they're greasy as long as they work.  This isn't too oily, try this if you have trouble breaking up long-wearing eye make up.
Replacement: The Body Shop

Dr. Morita / Moiturizing Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask - The idiotic name aside (slim?), this is a good one.  Not ground breaking but good.
Replacement: various others

Nov (3of3) - small samples

Charlotte Tilbury / Light Wonder Foundation #4Fair - Like it, but it's slightly too dark (see FOTD).  If I shall visit a counter some day to get a colour match, I will probably buy one of this, and one of the newer Magic Foundation.
Replacement: Integrate, Kiko, Physicians Formula (some current favourites)

Estee Lauder / Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Moisture Creme
Estee Lauder / Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Overnight Creme/Mask - Both are above average good stuff.  Same issue with Chanel cream - they come in jars and I'm not good at keeping those 'sanitary'.

RMK / Skintuner Smoother Moist - Can't tell what it does except being a very hydrating moist lotion.  Kind of a mess to work with too, as the sample is rather generous but the sachet is flimsy.

Clinique / Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum for Face and Neck - Okay texture.  Didn't see immediate results.

Dr. Hsieh / Hyaluronic Acid Long-Term Hydrating Essence - See For Beloved One above. Similar, but this is less powerful I find.

and finally, DECEMBER.

Dec (1of7) - make up

Make Up For Ever / Aqua Smoky Lash - The original Smoky Lash was okay, but didn't impress me enough.  My lashes honestly need some help from waterproof formula.  This works way better on me.  Will consider repurchasing.
Replacement:  Heroine Make (back to my all time favourite combo again)

Kate / Lash Maximizer White - This works wonder!  I have never used a Kate mascara base before.  I tend to like the Shiseido versions (Majolica Majorca and Integrate), but this really changes my mind.  Not all mascaras require a base underneath (I'm too lazy to layer products sometimes), but this Kate really helps with other mediocre mascaras I have and give amazing results.  NB: I give away several tubes of mediocre mascaras to friends recently so they didn't make the cut to this empties, that include a Kate mascara...
Replacement: (nil)

La Rose de Versailles / Liquid Eyeliner - Last year another line from this company (Creer Beaute) definitely attracted more attention - I'm talking about the Sailormoon Collection - but this will always be one of my top favourite liquid eyeliners.
Replacement: various others

Clinique / Bottom Lash Mascara - Purchased this because of Tanya Burr, for a couple of years ago she used this in every of her tutorials.  However, I have come to realise it looked great because her lashes aren't created the same as mine.  This mascara is decent, with a tiny brush and non-smudging formula.  For a department store brand, the price is also affordable.  I simply do not have bottom lashes for it to work on.
Replacement: (nil)

Estee Lauder / Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil #Coffee - A nice one.  Quite smooth when I started using it, and it is quite long lasting.  The colour is basic (and boring) and I have it for too long it dried up.  Glad it's just a sample anyway.
Replacement: various others

Dec (2of7) - LB close up

LB / Creamy Waterproof Gel Pencil #Sensual Burgundy - Do not recommend.  Dried up too soon even with lid properly closed.  Colour is beautiful but hardens too quickly.
Replacement: Innisfree, En Coleur (FOTD on Jen here)

Dec (3of7) - skin care

Viscontour / Serum - These are basically hyaluronic acid packed hydration boosters.  No scent, no preservatives, etc.  Quite nice to use especially when the humidity is rather low but not dry.  Seriously, we're having a heat wave in Winter...  Won't repurchase for the price, but it's nice to have.

Vichy / Aqualia Thermal Night Spa - Not bad.  I like it not sticky and decently hydrating as an overnight mask, last step of skin care.  However, I find the fragrance, though decent, too artificial.
Replacement: Clinique, J.One (Korean)

Oguma / Youngspray 1.7.3 Treatment - Basically just a facial water spritz with ions infused.  Good one.  I find it more hydrating than just water or mineral water, but not as well as others, such as rosewater or mists with more ingredients, e.g. glycerin or hyaluronic acid.
Replacement: Caudalie, and others

Fresca / Shield Me - This whole line smells of strawberry milkshake.  This sun protection emulsion is my probably the least favourite from the travel/trial kit I got.
Replacement: Kiko

Dec (4of7) - masks

Tony Moly / Intense Care Snail Hydro-gel Mask - Meh.

Dr. Althea / Premium Water Glow Skin Renewal Hydrogel Mask - Great one.  This Korean brand, under Samsung, has quite a hype around it recently.  Honor and I picked up and shared all the three types of sheet masks available.  I have tried also the Silk Mask and am very impressed by both.  Skin is noticeably more moisturised, glowing and good-looking for a good full day after using this sheet.
Replacement: various others

Etude House / Cherry Lip Gel Patch - As opposed to the Ginkgo Patch mentioned above, this actually delivered visible and significant result.  It kept falling off my lips though, and to be honest, still more gimmicky than necessary.
Replacement: Kanebo Dew Superior, Bite Beauty Lush Lip Wipes

Dec (5of7) body and hair

Andalou Naturals / Lavender Thyme Body Lotion (LINK) - Quick-absorbing but at the same time quite moisturising.  Not my favourite scent as it has lavender, but also quite a nice blend for those who like their lavender more complex and subtle.  Highly recommend if you are looking for vegan & cruelty-free products.

Harnn / Oriental Herbs Rice Cream Soap - Nice Thai herbal scent and not drying.

Pupa / AEF Active Oxygen Ultra Elasticizing and Toning Oil (no longer on Italy website) - Smells lovely.  Nourishing.  I got it very discounted (perhaps when it's discontinued) from Sasa so I use it very liberally.  It didn't stain or stay greasy on my skin as much as some other oils.
Replacement: Bio Oil (LINK, trying to use that up)

Pupa / Active Oxygen Reshaping Salt Scrub (slightly different from web image) - Not bad.  The salt is harsh but the oil is nourishing.  You need to mix and get product with a spatula each time though, a bit of a hassle.
Replacement: The Body Shop

Sen by Kim Robinson / Moisture & Repair Treatment - I liked the scent but am seriously bored by it.
Replacement: Mane 'n Tail (LINK, so much cheaper to get from iHerb than Mannings)

The Body Shop / Satsuma Body Polish - My personal favourite scent from TBS, possibly.  FYI, I like Olive on Mr. A the most.  A bit sad because I won't rush out to repurchase body products any soon.  Will use up all my scrubs before I head to the TBS outlet at Tung Chung to hunt for some Satsuma.  I still have a strawberry in use now.

Lush / Snow Fairy - The glitter and pink colouring didn't annoy me.  The fragrance did.

Dec (6of7) - supplements and his

Caltrate / Calcium Supplement 600 Tab - My doctor advised me to take Calcium supplement as my two pregnancy is quite close together
Replacement: Nature Made (LINK)

Royal Medic / CS4 Cordyceps Capsules - Repeat.

Madre Labs Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil (LINK)
Replacement: Repurchased

Adidas / Anti-Perspirant Cool & Dry 48h - See above regarding other deodorants.  NB: I know I have got Mr. A 4 Adidas, but somehow only 2 managed to get into my empties?

Alpecin / Caffeine Shampoo - Repeat.

Dec (7of7) - candles

Aroma Naturals / Zodiac Soy VegePure Candle #Libra (LINK) - No longer available.  But didn't smell too spectacular nor nice.
Replacement: Neom

Candle-lite / Pumpkin & Nutmeg + Apple & Vanilla + Cinnamon & Walnut Swirl - Delicious.  Bought this at Flower Market, Mongkok, but ever since then I've revisited the store multiple times, not seeing this restocked.  Sad.
Replacement: Neom

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Repurchase List:
Chanel Sublimage Cleanser,
MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum,
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II,
Clinique Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum,
Azelique Age Refining Treatment Serum,
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation,
La Rose de Versailles Liquid Eyeliner,
Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash,
Kate Lash Maximizer White,
Dr. Althea Masks,
The Body Shop Satsuma,
Candle-lite Candle

It took me 3 full days to get these words all typed out.  I seriously need a solution to how I can make my empties posts better, comment below!

Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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