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Japanese Beauty Haul | Tokyo December 2015

My mother and brother went to Tokyo for a little getaway last December - mentioned it here.  It was almost right after my cousin's return from Japan - haul post here, so I had to work hard in order to put together a shopping list.  Honor bascially drained my wallet and cleared my wish list at the same time - read what she got for herself over at her blog.  Now, her mum = my aunt, is going to Tokyo (again?) so I figure sharing my haul may help Honor (or me) to write up yet another shopping list.  Honestly, I've run out of ideas.  Please enlighten me if you think there's anything I should get from Japan, beauty-wise.  Thank you.

Addiction Blush #36 Behind the Veil 3.9 g JPY 2,800 Made in Japan
Addiction Blush #27 Naked Lies 3.9 g JPY 2,800 Made in Japan

Addiction has recently re-done their whole line of blushes.  I am currently very into beige, soft warm nude cheek colours so I picked up two new shades.  The formula of these are as good as my previous ones, very soft and easy to pick up with any brush.  The pigmentation is medium to sheer but definitely buildable and layer-able.

Behind the Veil (Pearl, Sunset Rose according to the website) is a lovely glow-from-within colour; it is categorised under the Rose family on the website.  I find it to be quite an earthy rose, without tones of pink or coolness.  This warm rose also has very fine gold shimmer running in it.  Naked Lies (Matte, soft nude beige) is what it says on the website.  It doesn't do much alone, on my skin tone, but it is a perfect very subtle and natural shading, contour colour which isn't warm or orange like a bronzer, or prone to looking ashy like a real shading powder will.  This is an ideal companion to any other blushes as it also tones down the brightness a little, especially when I go a little heavy-handed.

Now I'm contemplating more shades, maybe Noah and/or Stylish?  Both are matte shades from the Beige family... or Jet Setter, the beige-brown gradient number?

Shiseido Elixir
Lifting Moisture Lotion II 170 ml Made in Vietnam
Cotton 8 pc Made in Japan

My mum searched high and low for this set, and finally got it in a rather large drugstore catered for tourists.

The first thing that surprised me is that the lotion is not made in Japan.  I have only used this a handful of times.  It has two settings of vibrations and it is interesting to use.  Can't tell how well my skin reacts to this mechanism of pushing in the lotion just yet, and also I don't find the lotion particularly impressive, despite it being a good one to go with the machine.

Addiction Misty On Skin Refresher Travel Blend 12 ml (retail 50 ml JPY 2,800) Made in Japan
Addiction Tinted Moisturizer #tint No.03 0.9 g (retail 30 g JPY 4,500) Made in Japan
Addiction Primer 0.5 g (retail 30 g JPY 3,800) Made in Japan
Elixir Lifting Moisture Lotion II 7 ml Made in Vietnam
Elixir Lifting Moisture Emulsion II 7 ml Made in Vietnam

Samples from Addiction and along with the Elixir machine set.  The Addiction TM is a really good one, and I've used samples of it before.  When it's my turn to visit Japan (probably next year?) I will definitely get colour matched and get myself a big tube.  The Addiction Mist now resides in my travel make up bag.  It has a refreshing and soothing blend of essential oil which I am a little addicted.

Only Minerals Rich Moist Pressed Foundation Kit JPY 8,600
Rich Moist Pressed Foundation #Light Ochre 10 g (retail JPY 4,700) Made in USA
Rouge #Coral Red (retail JPY 2,950) Made in Japan
Mineral Pressed Blush #Rose (retail JPY 3,700) Made in Japan
Mineral Pressed Eyeshadow #Pearly Gold (Limited Colour, retail JPY 3,800) Made in Japan
Aqua Lift BB 10 g (retail 30 g JPY 4,000) Made in Japan
Pouch (Special Edition) Made in China

This is my first time trying out Only Minerals.  This brand has been appearing multiple times on various Japanese beauty review sites or magazine awards.  Their mineral foundation has very high ranking.  I believe my mum saw these holiday sets at beauty stores (similar to Plaza perhaps) and she sent me pictures of them.  I went ahead and picked up three sets in the lighter shade, despite there are duplicates of certain items (I gave some to Honor to play with).  Only Minerals is not cheap, and these kits come in really great value.

I have used the pressed foundation with the brush it came with several times as a light coverage over base (BB Cream), and to set my concealer.  It is really fine and smooth as a mineral foundation, which sometimes has reputation of being cakey or rougher.

The BB is the stand-out product as it does live up to its claims of being packed with serum (95%?) and do-it-all-in-one.  It has sun protection, coverage, moisturising and priming properties, and it does help make up applied afterwards adhere and hold so much better through out the day.

Finally, the Rouge (lipstick) is also staying in my purse every day.  It is indeed an everyday shade that goes well with many complexion and make up looks.  The formula is beautiful too, hydrating and smooth.

Only Minerals Mineral Makeup Holiday Coffret #Light Ochre JPY 9,500
Foundation #Light Ochre 10 g (retail JPY 3,800) Made in USA
Aqua Lift BB 30 g (retail JPY 4,000) Made in Japan
Face Powder #Luminous Rose (retail JPY 3,000) 2.5 g Made in Japan
Blush #Peach 1 g (retail 3 g JPY 3,000) Made in Japan
Pocket Foundation Brush (retail JPY 3,800) Made in China
Baby Blush Brush (Special Edition) Made in China

The most expensive set of all, because it features a full size loose foundation, BB, face powder and brush.  Embarrassingly I haven't actually tried out this loose foundation, which is their star product.

Only Minerals Foundation Brush Kit JPY 3,500
Foundation Brush (retail JPY 3,500) Made in China
Foundation #Light Ochre 1 g (retail 10 g JPY 3,800) Made in USA

Aqua Lift BB 10 g (retail 30 g JPY 4,000) Made in Japan

The foundation brush is lovely.  Sorry I haven't tried the foundation yet~

Shiseido Repair Veil Prime 40 g Made in Japan
Shiseido Repair Veil Body Milk 30 ml (not for sale) Made in Japan

Lululun - Precious Red 7 Days JPY ~400
7 pc, total 85 ml Made in Japan

When I was doing research, helping my mum to pick up some souvenirs for her friends and colleagues, I read rave reviews on the Shiseido hand cream so my mum went for it.  She saw this special set with a complimentary body moisturiser, and got me one.  I have already used the body milk up, which is rose scented and light in texture.  Too bad they do not make and sell it individually...  I'm yet to try out the hand cream - looking at my drawer full of hand creams...

Lululun makes affordable masks in bags of 7 or boxes of 32 to 42 pieces.  I never run low or out of sheet masks so I went for the smallest bag of the newest release by them.  The two newest additions targeted skin over 40.  Red is for dehydrated or dry skin, and Gold is for brightening.

Mentholatum Premium Rich Moist #Natural Honey 2.4 g Made in Japan
Mentholatum Medicated Stick with Lanolin 4.5 g Made in Japan (Matsumoto KiYoshi pharmacy special packaging)
Mentholatum Lip Baby Color Fruits #Peach Pink 4.5 g Made in Japan
Mentholatum Lip Baby Fruits #Grape & Berry Flavor 4.5 g Made in Japan
Mentholatum Lip Baby Natural #Rich Yuzu 4 g Made in China

A Japanese drugstore trip is not completed without some cheap and cheerful lip balms.  I've been using the Premium Rich Moist in Honey for a while now and I'm really impressed!

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Let me know if you've any good recommendations for Japanese beauty products!

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")

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