Monday, 4 January 2016

Let's Kick Off 2016 with a Drugstore Skin Care Haul

I go to Mannings, a local pharmacy chain, every other week, if not every week, to replenish baby's nappy or hubby's shampoo.  Sometimes I do not buy anything, just browse and take notes of prices and sale.  #師奶  Other times though, I came home with extra unintended bits, like treats for my sweet tooth, makeup, random travel sizes of toiletry or cutesy lip balms.  After our recent move (in September), we now live closer to an Aeon department store, where we get grocery sometimes, as well as baby or maternity apparel and supplies.

By the way, I'm on an unofficial skincare shopping ban in 2016 since I have too many products in use and untouched in my stash.  (A revelation I cannot omit while we pack and unpack for the move.)  Therefore, technically, this is not only the last haul of 2015, but until 2017 arrives.  We'll see.  That being said, I still have many hauls accumulated in the later half of 2015 which I'd like to share in blog posts, those will be more makeup heavy though, as that's how my brain and wallet worked...

I'm contemplating doing a No Money Month in January also, inspired by Lily Pebbles 2014's series of reviews and posts focusing mainly around budget options.  If monster(s) allow, I'd like to do some sort of thorough inventory check around this time of the year too.  A lot of ideas have been running through my head so I may talk about that further in a probable New Year Resolution post.

Anyhow, this post features some collective beauty purchases from Mannings and Aeon...

Loveisderma - Hydramax Serum 30 ml $204.70 Made in USA
Annecy  ffffffffffTriple-Action Rose Elixir 30 ml $76.80 Made in Japan
Annecy Triple-Action Poly-Peptide 30 ml $76.80 Made in Japan

I thought I was running low on facial serums, which I obviously am not, when I passed by the 25% (or 30%?) off sale at Mannings.  The first thing that caught my eye was the Loveisderma serum.  It has different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid and vitamin Bs which claims to hydrates the skin faster and for longer.  Heard many good things about it, and I'm waiting for a review from Honor, so I have quite high hopes for this.

Annecy is one of Mannings house brand and they do a good range of skin care and body care.  This is the first time for me trying out their products, and I've been observing for a while.  Based on the testers, these serums feel and smell quite good quality.  The rose-infused hydrating serum has been sold out several times while I was browsing the weeks before; a possible sign that it is great stuff?

Koji - Dream Magic Long Keep Eyebrow Pencil # Soft Brown 145 mm $25 Made in Japan

I was in a supermarket hunting food, saw this totally randomly, and bought it.  Aeon sometimes have interesting Japanese beauty products that Sasa or other stores do not sell.

Sana - Soy Milk Anti Wrinkle Sheet Mask 7 pcs $25 Made in Japan
Kose - Clear Turn Babyish Moisture Shiny Mask 7 pcs $25 Made in Japan
Kose - Clear Turn Babyish Deep Moisture Mask 7 pcs $25 Made in Japan

I have a feeling I have seen these sold at Sasa or other places, but as I was on a spree I threw these in my grocery cart too.  The Japanese sheet mask market has been doing a lot of multi-pieces per bag these days.  From 3 sheets up to 30, you're supposed to use them consecutively for a few days or up to a month.  Although I think this way the essence/lotion may be diluted or the sheets may not be soaked as wet, I dove and followed the trend.  Together with the Lululun (hauled from Japan), Quality 1st & Looks (more recently hauled from 759 Kawaiiland), I'll try to review them later, when I have time to use them all.

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Now I need to sit down and seriously think about my New Year Resolution.  What are yours? Comment or link below if you've any, I'd love to be inspired! :)

Beautiful wishes,
Lazy silly Jacq :")



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