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January Haul & 2016 Beauty Resolutions

I have broken down my multiple hauls by shops, and hopefully you won't find this collective dump of things I bought too long and unappetising...

1. 759 Store

759 has always been a great destination for snacks, grocery and what not.  They have also branched out to carry beauty products, household stuff and more.  Recently our interests in 759 have reignited for no particular reason.  By we, we mean Honor and I, who often spend hours conversing about beauty trends and gossiping about products together.  The usual 759 stores also carry limited selection of personal care products, but Kawaiiland is really where they carry the cutesy and beauty-related lot.

*5-Feb to 7-Feb they're doing up to 40% sale in store, again!*

Botanist - Botanical Shampoo #Green Apple & Rose (Smooth) 490 ml Made in Japan $109 -> $65.9
Botanist - Botanical Shampoo #Apricot & Jasmine (Moist) 490 ml Made in Japan $109 -> $65.9
BCL Tsururi - Mist Shower #Sweet Citrus & Chamomile Floral 80 g Made in Japan $44.1

759 often does 10%-40% off store-wide and that's the time when we haul.  Botanist hair care line has been appearing on various Japanese rankings and magazines so I decided to give them a go.  Disappointedly the stores I went to (or store-wide, I'm not sure) do not carry the conditioners, so I got both the shampoos to try.  Currently using the white-lid Rose (Smooth) and it has been so far so good.  The scent is light and pleasant, leaving my hair smooth but not silicone-fully silky.  Botanist formulates its line silicone-free.

Quality 1st - All in One Sheet Mask #The Best (Black) 3 pcs Made in Japan $30 -> $18
DHC - Hyaluronic Acid Mask 4 pcs Made in Japan $36.3
Looks Japan Gals - VC + Placenta Facial Essence Mask 7 pcs Made in Japan $16.5

Sheet masks in bags with multiple sheets is a very on trend right now.  I decided to pick up the smallest bag from Q1st and a placenta one from Looks to try out.  The DHC comes in individual sachets, got it only because not all Kawaiiland stocks DHC.

Jayjun - Vita Snow 30 ml + 5 ml * 4 Made in Korea $385 -> $231

It comes with a bottle of essence and four bottles of powder.  Jayjun is developed by a Korean hospital of sort and this whitening set has some hype around it.  Will give it a try some time after Monkey pops out.

Utena - Premium Puresa Beauty Mask Ceramide 4 pc Made in Japan $44.5 (I got 2)
Ramosu - Ampoule Set Snail Mucin Filtrate 100 10 ml * 3 Made in Korea $65.5 -> $39.3
Ramosu - Ampoule Set Collagen Ampoule 200 10 ml * 3 Made in Korea $116 -> $69.6
Ramosu - Secret of 28 Days Ampoule Set 10 ml * 8 + 7 ml + 0.3 g Made in Korea $255.2 -> $153.1
Rishan - Horse Oil Face Mask 5 pc Made in Japan $44 (I got 2)
Dr. Althea - Premium Power Whitening Glutathione Mask 5 pc Made in Korea $78 (I got 2)
Bifesta - Cleansing Gel Liquid 230 ml Made in Japan $51

Haven't tried the ampoules yet, but planning to do a proper 28-day routine after I return from hospital.  

Dr. Althea is a range under Samsung.  The Utena and Dr. Althea masks are really great, but not the Rishan Horse Oil one.  I split the masks with Honor so that we can try more variety.  ;)

Dr. Althea - Water Glow Aqua Ampoule Mask 5 pc Made in Korea $50 (I got 2)
Eau de Me - Oil in Honey Bodysoap #Honey Musk 400 ml Made in Japan $46.6

This Dr. Althea ampoule mask, not the Premium type, I do not like as much as the Premium ones.
The Eau de Me shower gel is really not nice either, bland smell and mediocre feeling on the skin.  It does come in a pretty bottle and doesn't dry out my skin though.

2.  Joyce Beauty

Joyce Beauty is basically our local Space NK.

Tatcha - Hydration Essentials Set $750
Luminous Dewy Skin Mist 40 ml Made in Japan
Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum 10 ml Made in Japan
Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream 10 ml Made in Japan

I went back to Joyce Beauty because I 'earned' a cash coupon from my previous trip (no, I haven't blogged about that one yet, that haul was quite big...)  This is my second set of the hydration essentials because I really adore the Silk Cream and why not get a back up of the Dewy Skin Mist which adds so much glow and genuine hydration to the skin?

Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum 30 ml Made in Japan $880

Can we pretend we didn't see the price tag of this serum?  (let's move on))))))))

Kevyn Aucoin - The Sensual Skin Enhancer #SX07 18 g Made in Japan $420

I have wanted this for-forever so why not get it while I can, especially with the help of nice beauty consultant.  The numbering indeed doesn't go all the way from fair to dark and there are so many different under-tones, not something I will purchase blindly off any website.  This is genuinely pigmented and creamy; By 'a tiny amount' it really means literally, a dot will cover an under-eye area.  The brush designed to go with this is a minute tip, like a precision eye-liner brush.  Considering the amount you get, 18 grams, and the price, it is way better value than any other concealers I've got.  (e.g. Cle de Peau Beaute charges $550 for 5 g)

Samples - all is in my hospital bag now.

3.  Sasa

K-Palette - Real Lasting Set $128 -> $93.1
Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP #Black 0.4 ml Made in Japan
1 Day Style Keep Base 4.5 g Made in Japan

I met up with +Cynthy Chui for lunch and browsed around Sasa Supreme and the new Kiko store at Causeway Bay.  Picked up this set because I've been really into lining my eyes with liquid.  Of course I have back-ups of my favourite Dolly Wink and La Rose De Versailles, but I don't remember giving K-Palette a try so why not.  I have tried the mascara base multiple times, sadly I don't find it comparable to my Majolica MajorcaIntegrate or Kate ones.

Cyber Colors - Micro Eyebrow Pen #02 Dark Brown 0.09 g Made in Korea $73 -> $55.1
Cyber Colors - Micro Eyebrow Pen #04 Gray 0.09 g Made in Korea $73 -> $55.1

A very fine tip that reminds me of ABH Brow Whiz (sorry don't own that), and definitely comparable to MAC Eye Brows (the shades I own don't give me the effect I want now, plus they don't come with spoolie).  I am using 02 Dark Brown regularly and I like it so far.

4.  Kiko

They were having up to 50% off sale on a good selection of products so I couldn't control myself to get loads.  One trip was with +Cynthy Chui (and my sister +Jennifer Ho), another trip was with +Honor L..

Kiko - Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow #28 Bright Ivory 1.64 g Made in Italy -> $39.5
Kiko - BB Lip Glaze #01 1.3 ml Made in Italy -> $39.5
Kiko - BB Lip Glaze #07 1.3 ml Made in Italy -> $39.5
Kiko - BB Lip Glaze #08 1.3 ml Made in Italy -> $39.5
Kiko - Dark Circle Concealer #01 Porcelain 5 ml Made in Italy -> $49.5
Kiko - Dark Circle Concealer #04 Cream 5 ml Made in Italy -> $49.5
Kiko - Soft Touch Blush #102 5 g Made in Italy -> $41.5

Apart from the Stick Eyeshadow, I find the other items on special offer on their website (if not already disappeared), so they're probably being phased out.  I have to get more BB Lip Glaze because it is arguably my favourite lip gloss formula of all time.  What a shame if Kiko is really going to stop making it.  :(

Kiko - Crystal Sheer Lipstick #412 3.5 g Made in Italy -> $39.5
Kiko - Luscious Cream Lipstick #507 Peach Rose 3.5 g Made in Italy -> $39.5
Kiko - Eyetech Look Eyeshadow #100 Pearly Shell 0.8 g Made in Germany -> $34.5
Kiko - Intensely Lavish Lipstick #03 Luscious Red 3.5 g Made in Italy -> $39.5

I really want to give the two (older) formulae of Crystal Sheer and Luscious Cream a try, given I am so in love with their Velvet Mat; so picked up two very wearable shades.  It might be a bad move as they may not be available in the future, so I cannot get more shades or repurchase.
Eyetech has been highlighting my inner corners for days now, I really like how easy it is to apply and blend.
Intensely Lavish is a very creamy and moisturising formula my lips really love, so I picked up the only shade left: a red, perfect for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

5.  Watson's

Luna - Long Lasting Tip Concealer #01 Light Beige Made in Korea -> $81
Clio - Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer #03 BY Linen 3 g Made in Korea -> $104.2

Pony (a Korean beauty writer + blogger + youtuber) featured Clio concealers in one of her videos.  The next day I ran into my nearest Watson's trying to get all of them.  Disappointedly only the liquid version is stocked here.  I waited until there's a 25% off certain make up brands, and bought the above two.  Being a concealer junkie (who wants a concealer overview/inventory?) I'd say these are great budget options.  I use Luna 01 everywhere, it brightens and covers and has a lovely smooth hydrating texture; especially good under the eyes.  Clio 03 is a hint too dark for my under-eye, so I mainly use it around my nose and on the cheeks.  It works very well at countering redness for its undertone is rather neutral leaning on olive.  Clio's texture is more powdery and reminds me a little of Nars Radiant Creamy (but Clio is flatter in finish).

6.  LookFantastic

Warning: do not subscribe to LF newsletter, they will tempt you every week with amazing deals, sales and gifts with purchase.

Pixi - Glow Mud Cleanser 135 ml Made in USA £18
Pixi - Hydrating Milky Mist 80 ml Made in Korea £18
Pixi - Flawless Beauty Primer 30 ml Made in Canada £20.5 -> £17.4
NIOD - Photography Fluid Opacity 12% 30 ml Made in Canada £20 -> £17

Pixi skin care has been well-talked about amongst many UK beauty bloggers I follow, including Caroline Hirons and Viviannadoesmakeup.  I am guessing the Milky Mist might be similar to the excruciatingly luxurious Tatcha?  (who wants a comparison of some sort?)
NIOD Photography Fluid is purely enabled by Laura from Buynowbloglater.

Gifts - Tanworx has gone to my sister, Phyto hair mask (for curls) to my helper.

7. USA Haul

My sister brought me bag a luggage-full of make up she helped me pick up from Sephora, Ulta and various drugstores.  That will be another post (or posts) for sure.  Go disturb her if you want to read her own haul too - I know she spent quite a bit herself too.

THE Beauty Resolutions

1.  No Skin Care Purchase
Gradually I want to phase out all of the moisturisers that come in pots (for hygienic reason).
I have briefly went through my skin care stash this past month and realised I am not low in any category.  With foil samples, deluxe travel sizes, regular products and salon bottles, my living space is seriously cramped.  I genuinely like skin care but seriously have too many to use/enjoy I should not buy any more.  Also I'm hoping to travel and do some major haul in year 2017, need storage and bullets ($$$) for planning purpose.

2.  Use-1st-Blog-Later & Do Monthly Haul
I often keep products in their packaging and set them aside thinking I should photograph them first, or blog about them first, before actually using them.  This year, I've decided to quickly shoot them, with camera or just iPhone, and then start using them right away.  Then, at the end of the month I collage all the hauls and do a quick first impression on them, if I've already tried them out.

3.  Mask Up & Treat Hands and Feet
Do face masks at least twice a week.  I've actually been quite diligent and did 17 masks in the month of January.  ;)
Always apply hand cream.  (Use up my mountain high of hand creams!)
After delivery of Monkey, take care of my cracked ankles and moisturise feet regularly.

4.  Declutter, Tidy Up & Do an Inventory Check

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Beautiful wishes,

Lazy silly Jacq :")

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