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Monthly Empties | January 2016

I realise I have quite an adequate amount of beauty trash to talk about monthly, so if time allows, I'd like to do it monthly this year.  Let's hope it works.

Skin Care >>>

Kanebo - Lip Fresh
Basically a lip make up remover.  Non-oily but effective.  Lips look like they are ready to be reapplied with lipsticks unlike other oilier removers.  Not necessary though, as you can take off your long-wearing lip colour using any other methods you desire.
Do I recommend?  No.  Unless you have no access to any dual-phase removers or micellar water, but this.

Charlotte Tilbury - Take It All Off
The second thing I used up in my Advent Calendar.  Good but not superior than the other similar price range (e.g. Lancome, Helena Rubinstein) , or lower price range (e.g. Clinique, L'Oreal, Maybelline) alternatives.
Do I recommend?  Only if you must get it from this brand, or fancy the 'pump' dispenser.

Fresca - Cleanse Me!
This is a Japanese brand occasionally featured in magazines where models share their personal favourites.  I quite like this cleansing milk.  However, the majority of the products smell of strong strawberry or fruit shakes, which can be repulsive to some.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

ReVive - Gel Cleanser
My least favourite item I've ever tried from this brand.  Smells horribly alcoholic, this is a thick gel that foams up moderately, but doesn't do anything to the skin.  Borderline drying on me, too.  If you like foaming gels, go drugstore and just pick up any tube, should be better than this.
Do I recommend?  No.

ReVive - Balancing Toner
Balancing indeed, refreshing and pleasant, too, but not spectacular.
Do I recommend?  No.  Spend on their creams or serums if you want to splurge.

Cosmetic Skin Solutions - Hydrating B5 Serum
Not bad, but if I'm to repurchase a B5 serum, I don't know where to get this brand from.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Charlotte Tilbury - Goddess Skin Clay Mask
Unlike the dual-phase make up remover, this is pretty unique and worth the hype.  I genuinely enjoy using this.  It is a clay that brightens, tightens, clears slightly and hydrates the skin.  Not only is a clay-based mask that doesn't dry the crap out of my skin difficult to find, but this is also easy to wash off, a big added bonus to me (as I often hesitate to put on masks that are hard to take off).  This 15 ml lasted me 5 applications so I think the price for the full size is justified.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Cle de Peau Beaute - Brightening Serum Supreme
Smells supreme, feels supreme on the skin, and skin looks supremely brightened after applying this.  Didn't notice significant long-term lightening of freckles or overall change, but it is a pleasure to use.  Not very into whitening or brightening at the moment, but when I'm in the market for a serum, I'll consider this.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

GlamGlow - Brightmud Eye Treatment
Like the GlamGlow original (the only other product I've tried from them), this has funky bits and pieces in the mask.  Quite fun to use but I didn't notice much difference.
Do I recommend?  Maybe?

Sheet Mask >>>

These I don't recommend:

Dr. Althea - Water Glow Aqua Ampoule Mask
Very heavily fragranced, other than that, an 'okay' mask.

Quality 1st - Premium (brand website:
This is one of the first mask brands to bring out multiple sheets in one bag.  This purple one is in old packaging and came free with magazine.  It has a gauze sheet texture, and has yeast extract amongst other ingredients to brighten skin.  It did leave a silky oil residue, leaving skin moisturised but not too greasy.

Ludeya - Rejuvenating Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask
Very old and I don't think they make this anymore?

Lishan - Horse Oil Face Mask
Very mediocre thick old-fashioned sheet texture.  Cutting was meh.  The liquid smells soft and nice and consistency is runny and light.  Leaving skin hydrating but also quite nourished and moisturised.  Nice but not spectacular.

I recommend these:

The Saem - Gel Science Anti-Aging
I think they may not make this anymore, but this is one of the best gel masks I've tried.  The fit, the wear, and the effect is amazing.

Utena - Premium Puresa Ceramide (green)
Current favourite Japanese sheet mask.  The sheet is normal cotton sheet but the serum is a luxurious gel-lotion that moisturises and plumps the skin.  A genuine treat to throw on, and it's very affordable and reasonable for what it is.  Already recently purchased the blue (Collagen) and waiting to get the pink one (Hyaluronic Acid?).

Regen Cos - 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask Whitening
The top and bottom parts are totally different texture.  Fun to use and I can feel the lift from the lower half.

Dr. Althea - Essential Skin Conditioner Silk Mask
A great light hydrating mask.  The silk type is thin and liquid is light.  Very refreshing and pleasant.

Make Up >>>

Addiction - Tinted Moisturizer #03
A very beautiful natural skin finish, coverage is pretty high as a TM, if layered it can almost be a medium foundation. Colour match is great, but I'll wait till I re-visit Japan to get myself a tube (or decide which base make up to buy from Addiction; I'm eyeing their Skin Care Foundation and many others, too).
Do I recommend?  Yes.  Absolutely.

Nars - Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer #Finland
Good colour for me in Winter (quite fair).  Slightly more matte or satin once blended into the skin.  Light coverage as expected, but the finish is lovely.  I probably won't repurchase though as there are so many TM or BB CC DD to try out there.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Body >>>

Nivea - Skin Conditioner
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Sai-Sei - Natural Sponge 
Just because it came in a set with the shower gel.

Patummas Herbs - Body Scrub

Smells horrible.  It is a powder-clay type you mix with water to activate.  Makes shower extra messy and really, it didn't work.
Do I recommend?  NO.

L'Erbolario - Ibisco Bagnoschiuma Shower Gel
Smells delicious and washes nicely.  L'Erbolario is considerably marked up here so I am reluctant to repurchase locally.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Sai-Sei - Mineral Refresh Bath & Shower Gel
BEAUTIFUL.  I wish it is still available.  I got this a while back from Space NK in order to qualify for free shipping.  Don't think they carry this brand anymore.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Body >>>

Indigo Wild - Zum Mist Aromatherapy Room & Body Mist #Frankincense & Myrrh
(Link) *iHerb links used are affiliated*
Smells strongly oriental and remarkable.  Not for the girly girls, but great if you like warm heavy wood scents or manly fragrances.  This is just a mini size I got in a kit - which seems to be unavailable now?
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Nuxe - Huile Prodigieuse
Lovely.  It is indeed a 'dry oil' which leaves skin nourished, delicious-smelling but not greasy.  I collected many minis of this through out the year.  They don't even do mini in this bottle anymore.  I need to go through my stash and then get a full size one.  I mainly use this on my arms and legs, not that much my face or hair.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Suisse Programme - Intensive Hand and Nail Treatment
A great green tea scent refreshing hand cream.  Light but really moisturises my hands.  It comes out pink, which is a little weird when I first started using as it is distinctly green tea (usually associated with green colour?).  Available in Sasa.
Do I recommend?  Yes.

Elemis - Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust
Not bad.  I guess I can benefit from it so I use it up.  Have a full size going in my bathroom now.
Do I recommend?  Maybe.  I don't see much difference yet.

Shiseido Ferzea - Repair Veil Body Milk
It is a special edition and not available for sale gift that came with the hand cream.  The Shiseido Repair Veil hand cream is quite popular in Japanese drugstores.
Do I recommend?  Yes.  (but don't think it can be purchased?)

Not a big fan.  I much prefer other body oils for my belly, aka stretch marks, or body, aka extreme snake-skin dryness.  I use it up because it is one of the pricier oils I have.  For my belly, I prefer this chocolate treat (Link) or coconut heaven (Link).  For my body I am liking this almond sweetness (Link) a lot.
Do I recommend?  No.

Supplements >>>

Wyeth Materna - Prenatal/Postpartum
Have to do it until end of this year probably?

Royal Medic - CS4 Cordyceps Capsules
Mr. A's.  Almost if not already done with all the bottles.

Rexona Men - Fresh 48H Xtracool
Mr. A prefers Gatsby > Adidas > Rexona.

Nordic Naturals - Prenatal DHA (Link)
Also a staple until probably end of 2016.

What may I repurchase?

Charlotte Tilbury - Goddess Skin Clay Mask
Cle de Peau Beaute - Brightening Serum Supreme
Utena - Premium Puresa
Addiction - Tinted Moisturizer

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