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Monthly Empties | February 2016

The only thing I wish I have used more this month was face masks, but I stopped masking on 20th after delivery Monkey Romeo; before that I was diligently doing mask sticking to my resolution.

I'm planning, for next month I may group empties by whether I'd repurchase, or not, when I take pictures and type about them.  What'd you think?

Mrs. Meyer's - Basil Hand Soap iHerb link
Don't think this is how basil really smells, but this soap is DIVINE.  My favourite is still honeysuckle (iHerb link) but this one comes close as second.  Will definitely repurchase!
As always, my iHerb code is JBF362, which you can get discount if you use it with your orders.  iHerb links used are affiliated.  Thank you if you choose to use them!

The Body Shop - Camomile Waterproof Makeup Remover
Got this from the outlet at Tung Chung.  A very effective and not irritating remover, just enough oiliness to clean and not to leave a gross feeling.  I will definitely repurchase if I encounter it again at outlet.

Lancome - Nutrix Royal Body Intense Lipid Repair Cream
This is a sample obtained years ago when we were too spendy on skin care shopping in Europe.  I have no idea if they sell this locally here but I do find it renamed on the USA website (link).  This stuff is holy grail material.  If I can only use and own one body cream, this will be it.  Smells delicious but not over-powering, it has a lovely thick but spread-able and rather quick-absorbing texture.  My snake-scale-skin is relieved instantly after applying this.  So Good~

MAC - Wipes 45 Sheets
I struggled to use these up.  The sheets are quite moist through out the months, but the texture is too thin and flimsy.  I also find it not effective enough to take off more stubborn make up.

Hanaka - Macaron Facial Mask Q10
Hanaka - Macaron Facial Mask Vitamin E
Okay stuff.  Jen bought them from Taiwan for herself and kindly shared half of each 'flavour' with me.  I still have 8 more types to go through.  Both are gel, or jelly type of mask.  I like them for not being too difficult to wash off and did make my skin more hydrated and is not irritating.

Josie Maran - 100% Pure Argan Oil
As mentioned in my Facial Oil post, I solely use this to remove eye make up residue.

Bioderma - Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution
Staple.  I am kind of fed up with these though.  Recommend if cleansing water is part of your routine but it really isn't part of mine.

Clinique - Repairwear Laser Focus
A very good serum.  Probably my second favourite from Clinique; I now prefer Smart Custom-Repair Serum (emptied here) over this.

UltraCeuticals - Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum
Not bad as a hydrator, quite watery and light.  Available at Mannings.

Burberry - Effortless Mascara #01 Midnight Black
Not work on my lashes, as with most non-Japanese non-Waterproof formulae.  I tried to use it multiple times as liquid liner by taking the product on a liner brush, which worked decently.  Eventually it dried out.

Solone - Magic Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
Felt-tip type black eyeliner.  Not bad but not spectacular.

Three - Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation #203
Lovely texture.

YSL - Forever light Creator CC Cream #Rose
I used this to mix with the CT foundation below, as the CT 4 Fair is way too dark for me (see FOTD).

Charlotte Tilbury - Light Wonder Foundation #4
I am more interested to try the newer Magic foundation than getting a match in this one.  That being said, this is really a nice one, too.

Sheet Mask - highly recommend these

Fresca - Vivify Me Botanical Gelee Mask
It has that coconut derived 'bio-cellulose' texture, and it did it the absolute right way.  After one sheet my face is renewed all over.
HK website:

Dr. Morita - Snail Repair Essence
As affordable-use-it-every-day type, Dr. Morita doesn't disappoint.

Leaders Insolution - Vital Cell
I do think I look younger after this, score!

Timeless Truth - Organic Silk
Great texture, but hard to find.  Perhaps Colourmix stocks some version of this brand?

Utena - Premium Puresa Collagen
The serum inside is thick and very plumping.  I love my skin so so much after using this.

Sheet Mast - not recommend these

MediHeal - Pumpkin
Aritaum - Hyaluronic Acid
Ettusais - SKin Version Up
Quality First - The Best (Black)

Aroma Naturals, Spirituals, Travel Candle, Eternal Love, Fuji & Passion Fruit 184.27 g iHerb link
Smelt okay.  Our guest bathroom has drainage issue (in the shower probably) and sometimes smells quite bad.  I'm burning up all my candles at the guest bathroom now whenever I smell of something.

Madre Labs - Premium Fish Oil iHerb link
Mr. A's.  Not bad, but after finishing the stock I think I'll get him some 'better' fish oils with IFOS 5 stars.

Alpecin - Caffeine Shampoo
Mr. A's.  He really likes this, but I'm a little tired of repurchasing.  Got him a bottle of Sebamed to try, which he's using currently.  Highly recommend Alpecin though, as it is readily availablt at Mannings and is quite affordable and effective as what it is (anti hair loss shampoo).

Botaneco Garden - Trio oil Conditioner #Hair Fall Control
Mr. A's.  Smells quite nice, and he isn't particularly picky about conditioner.

To be Repurchased

Mrs. Meyers - Basil Hand Soap
The Body Shop - Camomile Waterproof Makeup Remover
Lancome - Nutrix Royal Body
Clinique - Repairwear Laser Focus
Charlotte Tilbury - Light Wonder Foundation (or the Magic Foundation)
Fresca - Vivify Me 
Dr. Morita - Snail Repair Essence
Leaders Insolution - Vital Cell
Timeless Truth - Organic Silk 
Utena - Premium Puresa Collagen 
Alpecin - Caffeine Shampoo

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