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Hi visitors, welcome to Beauty Sketch by Jacq!

This is the place where I talk about everything makeup, beauty and well-being related.  I decided to use blogging as an excuse to buy and hoard cosmetics, after unhealthily spending way too much on beauty for years.

Aside from beauty, I enjoy food, books, postcards and travelling.

My blog is edited on blogger at the time being, under my own domain.  I value my blog's independence dearly, so that I can publish whatever I want with as little influence by others as possible.

I am always learning more about products or blogging, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.  Most importantly, Happy reading!! 

Other places to find Jacq:

Twitter: jacqlibra
Instagram: jacqlibra

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About Beauty Sketch

PR friendly.

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For business or press enquiries, about this blog or our disclosure policy, please contact Jacq (jacqlibra at gmail dot com).

last updated on 2014-05-27


  1. hey Jacq! really like your blog I nominated you for the liebster award too! I know you have one already ;p



  2. Thanks Annabelle for the award!

  3. i love your blog~ i have one im just starting and blogger is confusing me! how do i follow ppl on blogger? im trying to look thru your site and dont see anything besides putting in my google address. can you help me?
    also...i WISH i had your beautiful skin!!!

    1. Hi Amanda, I think blogger's following list is a little tricky (if not out of order). I haven't been able to edit my following lists for a good few months now. When it was functioning, you can edit it on Blogger Dashboard, Manage Reading List or such, it was limited to follow 300 blogs only.

      If you want to follow me, you may also see a top-bar in my site, with buttons like "Follow", "Share", "Report Abuse", etc. Click "Follow" and my blog should be added to your reading list.

      However, I highly suggest you link your blog to Bloglovin', and also follow others (including me!) on Bloglovin'. It is convenient!

      Thx for complimenting my skin, put effort in treating your skin and you can have beautiful skin too~ *blush*


  4. hi,
    nice blog. let me know if you'd like to get associated with a new start up related to fashion and styling. you can check the details at: facebook.com/StyleStanza and contact me at: shiriishbohare@gmail.com

    1. thx shirish for commenting, but I don't do fashion a lot.. :)

  5. BEAUTY !!! You are gorgeous. Love your blog, please read my email, I wanna do a SWAP video with you.... Bye xxx

    1. Hi Daphne, thanks for stopping by, but right now I'm not planning any new swaps. Thank you :)

  6. Hi Jacq! Love your blog/photos/reviews and random stuff! I'm from NYC and we will be visiting HK in April 2014! Any places you recommend to go to/shop/explore/eat??!!!! We are staying at Sheraton in Kowloon. Are you close by to there? Maybe we can meet up and go shop!! Advance Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Linda, Email me at jacqlibra at gmail dot com!



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